Nubra Attraction

Nubra Attraction


3 days long festival held every year in Sand dune Leisure park at Summor Nubra where the artists from every villages gathered to showcase their culture , traditions and local skills. It is being organised by the people of summer village. Every years its being conducted on 22nd , 23rd and 24th of June.


Famous festival of the region which last for 3 days with various cultural events and display of skills by the locals. Most attractive features of this festival includes camel safari, cultural show, archery competition, dance by different ethnic groups of ladakh, heritage walk etc. Tourists are provided huge discount in hotels and resorts as a gesture of warm welcome to participate in the festival.


Gustor literally means Sacrifice of the 29 th dat. It is traditionally to the monasteries of the reformist Gelukpa order of Tibetan Buddhism. The celebration end with the dismembered and dispersal of the Torma (Sacrificial Cake) by the leader of the Black hat dancers in a ceremony called Argham or klling. This symbolise the destruction of all form of evil. And also re-enacts the assassination of the Tibetan apostate King Lang-Darma, by a Buddhist monk in the mid 9 th century.


Festival of flower is celebrate with great pomp and show for centuries. Nubra valley is also known as Valley of Flower. This festival mark the auspicious beginning of spring season in Ladakh when wild roses are in full bloom. People from different villages visit one of the oldest monastery in Nubra valley which is famously known as Entsa Monastery, people offer flowers to the monastery and artist from villages perform dance and song throughout the day.


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