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Beautifully set in the heart of Hunder village.

In Nubra valley, spread over an acre of land, the campsite is a beautiful apricot orchard with cristal clear river running through the centre of the camp.An experiential riverside camping in the mid of stunning snowpeak Himalayan views providing peace and tranquillity.

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Swiss tents are scattered across the orchard

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Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

When we went to Nubra Valley, this was the chosen place to stay overnight. The camp is located almost at the end of the village. There are also a lot of hotels and guest houses with cemented accommodation so we were wondering why our travel partner has booked us in a camp. The approach road to the camp is very...

I had booked a camp next to Royal Deluxe Camp in Nubra Valley. When I checked-in my camp I realized that we (I and my wife) were the only two guests who had booked for that night. We immediately cancelled our booking and started exploring other options. It was already late in the evening and we were running late for...

What to say about the beauty about this place as you will found the best possible natural stay. I love about them that they did not modified things to spoil the beautiful and natural atmosphere here. Mountains at one side and trees everywhere. They have big open area and water going from inside the campus of it which makes it...

One of the best thing happened to me on Ladakh trip. After the Khardungla pass and Deskit Monastery. Camel ride in desert is also nearby. Amazing location, lots of apricot trees, small water flow within camp, best dining, food was amazing with lots of options indian and bread items and pastas. - Bed tea at 6:30 outside the tent -...

Never having the chance to have stayed in tents, this was an excellent opportunity to experience the feeling. I have to admit that staying at RDC was in fact "royal" because it exceeded our expectations in terms of facilities. We stayed their for two nights and it was a treat! Amenities: There was a double-sized bed with a proper toilet...


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